Extreme Abilities

You're only as limited as you allow yourself to be



Breaking boundaries by creating a platform to alternatively approach things through Wave Therapy. 

Celebrating 10 years of Adaptive Surfing in South Africa.

2013 then...

...now 2023 

South Africa is a country with many different cultures and a rich history. In many areas we help one another to over come our strives and challenges and one of the ways that Extreme Abilities encourage the people of South Africa is to create a platform for disabled people to experience alternative approach to wave riding. We are proud of more than a decade of pioneering and developing Adaptive Surfing (Parasurfing) in South Africa. We try to introduce it to as many disabled people as possible. Extreme Abilities is a registered non-profit company that organizes sporting events for less privileged people living with disabilities. We rely on fundraising, sponsorship and cooperation between other disability orientated organizations to operate our community events. If you feel that you can contribute to our work with the disabled community of South Africa, please feel free to contact us at any time. We appreciate any form of help!

Weskus Adaptive Surf Club - Development

Learn to surf op die Weskus 2023!

Extreme Abilities is bringing more people from the West Coast closer to the Ocean through adaptive surfing. We aim to develop a surf club for the Saldanhabay Municipal area. To pilot this endeavor we will have weekly surf sessions throughout 2023 all around the Columbine Peninsula, focusing on Paternoster main beach as our 'grassroots' venue. We provide all you need to go in the water and surf, from the best surf coaches to the best wetsuits and surf equipment. All you need to bring is a towel, drinking water and good vibes. 

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Surf events coming soon...

Tuesdays at Saldanha we are hosting paddle sessions in Saldanha bay for disabled people interested in normal water therapy.

Thursdays at Paternoster we are hosting adaptive surf sessions on Paternoster either at main beach or eerste mosselbank for disabled people interested in riding waves.

West Coast regional Parasurf Competition 2023

24 November we are inviting the public to our first Adaptive Surfing Symposium that will be held at the Harbor of Wellness center in Saldanha as a prelude to the regional competition.

25 November we are hosting the first West Coast regional competition for parasurfers at Eerste Mosselbank in Paternoster. This competition is the trials for the team that will represent the West Coast at the 2024 Provincial Parasurfing championship. 

Making heads turn at the 2023 South African Parasurf  Championships

The Parasurf nationals was in Muizenberg on 19-21 May 2023 and the parasurfers from Saldanha held their own amongst local and international contestants.

For more information on Parasurf and classification visit the ISA website.



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