Extreme Abilities

You're only as limited as you allow yourself to be



Breaking boundaries by creating a platform to alternatively approach things through Wave Therapy. 

Celebrating 10 years of Adaptive Surfing in South Africa.



Weskus Surf Club - Development

Learn to surf op die Weskus 2024!

Extreme Abilities is bringing more people from the West Coast closer to the Ocean through surfing. In 2023 we successfully established an adaptive surf club for disabled people that want to surf. For the 2024 season we aim to add another platform for primary and high school students to the current weekly surf schedule. To pilot this endeavor we will have surf sessions throughout 2024 over weekends as well, focusing on Paternoster eerste mosselbank beach as our 'grassroots' venue. December holiday 2023 Extreme Abilities offered surf lessons to the public, establishing a platform for beginner surfers with the aim to start a surf club on the West Coast of South Africa. Follow link for video high lights of each session. If you reside within the Saldanha Bay Municipal area and would like to join a surf club, sign up  HERE.

Surf events coming soon...

West Coast Surf Club Symposium 2024

It's official, there is a surf club on the West Coast!

On 24 February 2024 a group of surf enthusiasts from Saldanha Bay municipality gathered at Dial Rock to establish the club.

Extreme Abilities have placed the focus on further developing the surf culture in the West Coast, expanding to the general public and not only for adaptive surfing, but all surf disciplines (shortboard, bodyboard, SUP etc). During the meeting we will discuss the future of surfing on the West Coast. For more info.

Weekly Surf Sessions 2024

Tuesdays at Saldanha, Dial Rock paddle challenge

Thursdays at Paternoster Eerste Mosselbank

Weekends club and grom surf sessions, either Fri, Sat or Sun. Confirmation of location ant time through club network. To join  sign up here.

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